translated from Spanish: Online sales grew above inflation during 2019

According to a study by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CACE), online sales grew in above-inflation turnover. In this way, companies in the sector managed to overcome a widespread decline in consumption during 2019. Purchases made through e-commerce platforms over the past year totaled $403.278 million, up 76% from 2018.

The turnover corresponds to the sale of 146 million products, 22% more than in the previous year, through 89 million purchase orders (12% more than in 2018). The average purchase ticket was 4,500 pesos. The items that drove growth in the units sold through e-commerce are derived from everyday consumer goods: Food and beverages, household items and tools and clothing (including sportswear). 
“In times of crisis, the consumer thinks much more about e-commerce because it seeks to compare, have more options and financing. The three largest-growing items offset the least growth of other items as tourism. Anyway, they all grew because users also started buying more categories,” explained Gustavo Sambucetti, Institutional Director of CACE.

The study was conducted by the consulting firm Kantar among some 1,100 online surveys of people between the ages of 18 and 65 who bought online in the last six months. 170 camera member companies that sell over the Internet were also surveyed.
“Strong growth in the number of quotas chosen, driven by the re-emergence of financing options, stands out. 22% of buyers used 12 per cent of quotas, while the use of 13 to 18 installments grew by 8 percentage points, and the 2-installment payment was withdrawn in the same proportion,” CACE’s report said.

The 5 items that billed the most in e-commerce during 2019 were:Passages and tourism: $87.069 million (+44% vs 2018)
TV, audio equipment, consoles and telephony: $46.2 billion (70%)
Food, beverages and cleaning items: $41,591 million (111%)
Household items (furniture and décor): $38,921 million (91%)
Appliances (white and brown line): $26.506 million (96%)
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