translated from Spanish: Desperate search for 4-year-old Lorenzo Ramirez, missing in Bernal

In the hours of Friday morning there was a case that keeps the entire area of Bernal Oeste in the view, after the disappearance of Alexandra Ramirez was confirmed with her young four-year-old son, Lorenzo León Ramírez Diarte, 4 years old.

The last time they were seen was at 9 am in Bernal, but between 10 and 11 a.m., they were reported to be at the Alto Avellaneda Shopping. With no news from both, the family reported and filed the complaint at the police station for their absence at night.Started on Saturday with the searches, the police managed to find the woman’s whereabouts at 13.30, but it was not accompanied by the minor. From there, a social media campaign began to find Lorenzo.

One of the major conflicts he now faces is that Alexandra Ramirez was under going under medical treatment in the last time and can’t give information about what happened. De Lorenzo, he is known to have short dark hair, light eyes and wore a T-shirt with shorts and crocs-like eyelets.

In addition to the Police, if you have data on Lorenzo’s possible whereabouts, you can contact Felicitas Fleitas, prima del minor, at (011) 15 6169 0024 or With María Ramírez, sister of Alexandra and aunt of Lorenzo, at (011) 15 6247 8035.

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