translated from Spanish: Roads issue musical notes as vehicle tires pass over them (Video)

Not every road in the world is boring or dangerous, in Japan combining the safety of not exceeding the speed limit with an accident results in something safe and fun.
The Japanese engineer named Shizuo Shinoda was working with an excavator when he accidentally scraped some marks on the roads with the machine’s shovel.
Later as he passed over the brands he discovered that the vibration produced in his car could be heard as a melody.
As a result, a team of engineers from the Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute built a series of «musical roads» in Japan.

These paths have marks or stripes cut at specific intervals along the road surface. Depending on how wide and deep the stripes are, a moving cart over them will produce a series of high or low notes, allowing designers to create melodies.
There are four paths in Japan, one in Hokkaido, one Wakayama, one more in Shizuoka and one last in Gunma. They all play with different melodies. They range from 175 to 250 meters, and are carved with thousands of stripes.
Apart from signs at the edges of the roads, the streets are painted with colorful musical notes on the surface to warn drivers that they are entering a musical interlude.
Marks are made at the ends of the road, near the sidewalk, and not in the center, so drivers have the option to go over them or avoid them.
Reduce the risk of an accident
In order to be able to listen to the songs it is necessary to keep the sales of the car down and drive at less than 40 kilometers per hour, keeping at least one tire on the brands.
Of course, if you exceed that limit you can still hear them only that they will sound faster as when you advance a tape. That could help reduce traffic accidents for the purpose of listening to music.

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