translated from Spanish: What did Patricio Loustau say about Atlético Tucumán-River’s controversies?

Referee Patrició Loustau left to speak (with TyC Sports) after the questions he received for some failures he took in the match that Atlético Tucumán and River played.

It was three plays that aroused controversy during and after the tie that left the Millionaire untitled and resulted in The consecration of Boca. What did the judge say about each decision? The goal voided on Rafael Santos Borré for the forward position
“It’s a complex move, very closely linked to the issue we’ll have regarding the VAR. With technology it would have been clearly defined, something that cannot be solved by pulling a line. I must trust and give the right to my assistant referee.”
The alleged penalty against Ignacio Fernández
“I sense that there is a mezzanine between the two players, there is a contact but it is taxable. Nacho takes advantage of the contact because he sees the ball running long, but does not have the intensity to knock it down.”
The towe to Matthias Suarez that may have been another criminal
“There’s a natural struggle, a slight stretch of T-shirts. The instep makes it sloop and falls forward, the product of a natural struggle of the game. If there had been a real hold, the player should have fallen backwards. He didn’t fall because of the T-shirt grab.” 
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