translated from Spanish: Gtd and Telsur boost your business growth with a superior internet connection

In today’s market, the opportunities provided by information technologies and the growing digital transformation have become truly essential tools to provide better conditions and opportunities for small and more Edianas companies. In this context and in tune with the needs of SMEs, Gtd and Telsur have innovated in the segment to offer digital solutions, combining the best assistance from an executive together with a customer service capable of meeting the requirements of the world of business. In this way, solutions such as: Support Control, Web Partner and Smart Office are some of the tools available to increase the productivity of small and medium-sized businesses in the country, using Value Added Services (SVA). The proposal of Gtd and Telsur not only aims to rise to digital transformation: it is about understanding the complex scenarios faced by SMEs, collaborating in the search for solutions and strengthening their business potential. «It is very important for Gtd and Telsur to support so many companies, of different types, that need better conditions to grow their businesses to continue contributing in the creation of jobs and dynamization of the local economy», says Felipe Saitua, manager of Gtd and Telsur Corporate Marketing.With the enhancement of devices such as the router, which exceeds the previous quality, it offers a superior wifi experience and a more stable data service. Proof of this is that the company has won for three months in a row the «Netflix Ranking», for the best browsing experience, and has positioned itself as the telecommunications company with the lowest rate of claims per service in the undersecretariat of Telecommunications.SERVICES OF ADDED VALUEGtd and Telsur adapt to the different needs of each venture, focusing on the requirements and digital profile of each business. To do this, they have specific plans with safe navigation and automatic backup to rescue information from the cloud in case of any contingency, among other features. Specifically, the Attendance Control service allows you to monitor the workforce remotely, while Web Partner includes the development and maintenance of a custom page with the possibility of e-commerce, so as not to rely on other providers. Finally, Smart Office helps automate and control the office from an application.

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