translated from Spanish: Opposition senators seek to avoid intervention of Jewish justice

The members of Juntos por la Cambio del Senado ratified their position in a streak to the project that proposes the intervention to the Judiciary of Jujuy and will demand the withdrawal of the initiative that the Front of All intends to address in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, driven by Guillermo Snopek.La meeting between the senators and the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, it was not ruled out to request a hearing with Alberto Fernández to request the withdrawal of the project. Morales presented to the legislators a report with the state of play of the Miracle Chamber cases and the judges involved in those trials.” What they’re looking for is to free Milagros Sala: everything else is smoke. This will merit his rebuttal, but the issue is corruption in Jujuy and everything they have stolen. There are objective facts: they took the money from the bank in handbags and in these four years they could have returned the money and they haven’t,” the judge governor told reporters.
“It is not true that I am the owner of causes against Miracles Hall as they say out there; are causes that began two years before I came to the governorship.”

Patricia Bullrich, meanwhile, warned that “this is an extremely serious situation which is to put into debate the project of intervention to the justice of Jujuy”, said that “it is unacceptable because it violates all constitutional guarantees” and assured that it constitutes “a huge outrage against justice” in the province.

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