translated from Spanish: Forum «Social participation and gender / Country challenges» at Centro Cultural San Joaquín

Forum «Social Participation and Gender / Country Challenges»
In Teatro San Joaquín, Conñimo 286 (Av. Industries with Carmen Mena).
Thursday 12 March 7 p.m.
Entry freed.
As part of the commemoration of International Women’s Day, the San Joaquin Cultural Centre throughout March will work under the slogan «For the right to equal treatment».
In this context invite the Forum «Social Participation and Gender / Country Challenges» which will have the special participation of actress Aline Kuppenheim and comedian Pamela Leiva who will share their personal and art vision on topics such as: equal treatment, participation of women in society, gender violence and parity in the new scenario of present-day Chile.
Through an open and lucid dialogue, this forum will seek community participation, to expose themes involving the active role of women. To do this, this conversation will be moderated by the outstanding culture journalist, Marisol García.
Marisol García is a freelance journalist, specializing in writing, research and interviews on popular song. Since 1995 he has collaborated with newspapers, magazines and radios in Santiago, and has worked on research tasks for documentaries, books and exhibitions in museums and libraries. She has also been a consultant to important Chilean film soundtracks (A Fantastic Woman, Gloria and Gloria Bell, among others).
She is co-editor of the encyclopedic site and part of the team that annually organizes the IN-EDIT Chile Festival, dedicated to film and musical documentary. In 2019 she was awarded a Pulsar Award for the Promotion of Music and Heritage.
«These are important times to reflect and share around independent work in culture, from whatever field. I think this was not so much demanded a long time ago, but at the same time it appears as so necessary,» says Marisol García.
Actress Aline Kuppenheim has developed an important career in film, television and theatre. She has an extensive career on the big screen, highlighting her participation in An Academy Award winning Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
On television she is one of the actresses with the most nominations for the Altazor Award, with 7 mentions in total, among them as a supporting actress in the telenovela La Fiera (1999) and her participation in the series Ecos del desierto (2014).
In the last time he has devoted himself full to the puppet theater, which began with the company Teatro Milagros with Paola Giannini, who now bears the name of «Teatro y su Doble», stand out among his works: Capote (2007), On the tightrope (2012), Ugly (2015), and Pedro y el Lobo (2019)
From another stage, national comedian Pamela Leiva has also been plaund. He had a successful stint at the Olmué Huaso Festival. Delivered a routine strongly linked to social contingency and demonstrations across the country
The artist presented herself with a monologue full of personal experiences – including her divorce and anecdotes with her sister. But or something added that left a special message: he invited the musicians María Esther Zamora and Pepe Fuentes to the stage, with whom he sedende the cueca «Chile despert».
Before the song began, the comedian declaimed a few verses in homage to the social movement and the people of Chile.
«Go a verse in homage / to the people who were people / and declared very head-on your opinion in the face to outrage / hopefully never lower the strength that grew / and do not forget who killed and trashed at your whim / and even ripped your eyes / a Chile that awoke,» Leiva recited.
Three looks of women participating in the cultural industry sector of our country. What is the perspective and how do women participate from there in the current context? This Thursday, March 12 at 19 p.m. we can witness this conversation at the Forum «Social Participation and Gender / Country Challenges» at the San Joaquin Cultural Center.

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