translated from Spanish: From José José to J Balvin: Choose what to sing while washing your hands

At this point, much of the population is aware that the most important action to prevent coronavirus is to wash their hands several times a day and for a minimum of time. Moreover, for children to adopt this custom and see it as something rather fun, some kindergarten educators and teachers have turned to music.
This is why there are many children who know that their hand washing should last the same thing they take to sing «Happy Birthday» twice. But, of course, there are endless alternatives.
The expert in Microbiology and academic of Medical Technology of the University of San Sebastian, Karin del Campo, explained to hoyxhoy that «the washing of hands to protect themselves from the coronavirus is the same that is done for the protection of any other pathogen; the important thing is that it’s at least 20 seconds.» The reason? «In less than 20 seconds you only sweep with the residual dirt from day to day, but the elimination of viruses and bacteria is not achieved,» she added.
What to sing? In addition to «Happy Birthday» twice the boys can sing – also twice – the song «The Little Hands» or a yesterday’s children’s classic: «The Little Worm». Those who don’t remember it will surely do it with their lyrics: «Nobody loves me, everyone hates me because I ate a little worm. I cut off his head, I take the inside mmm, what a rich little worm.»
Adults who are not fans of children’s songs and are nostalgic from the past can try with the first verse of the choir of José José’s hit «40 and 20» or that of «Living like this is to die of love», by Camilo Sesto.
If you are looking for something newer you can choose to sing the first two stanzas of J Balvin’s «Red» choir or the «Callaíta» chorus of Bad Bunny.
How to wash handsWhen you have already chosen the song it is time to worry about how to exercise this preventive action.
«The hands should be rubbed with the soap, passing through the middle of the folds, especially through the middle of the fingers. The idea is to generate constant friction for the soap to drag with the virus possibly attached,» Del Campo said. He stated that «to perform it it is recommended to use a type of antiseptic or soap that has 60% or more alcohol».
He also argued that «hand drying is key and should not be underestimated. Virus transmission is greater when the hands are wet, so it is recommended that after washing them dry with disposable paper towels. The friction between paper and hands further drags viruses, thus decreasing the transmissibility of the disease.»

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