translated from Spanish: New Jungle Cruise Trailer: Disney Keeps Searching for Next Pirates of the Caribbean

Not conforming to the success of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), the intergalactic saga, its live action remakes and its animated films, Disney seeks to add new franchises at the expense of any intellectual property it can take hold of. With so many parks and attractions at their disposal, something had to happen to them, and after the possibility of making a blur and new has «Pirates of the Caribbean» -it remains to be seen who will be the protagonist of this reboot-, «Jungle comes», «Jungle Cruise» (2020), adventure for the whole family based on one of the most recognized tours of Adventureland.Jaume Collet-Serra, one of those responsible for making Liam Neeson a mature superaction hero in films like «Unknown» (Unknown, 2011), he is in charge of this odyssey starring Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Edgar Ramirez, Jack Whitehall, Jesse Plemons and Paul Giamatti. Here, the intrepid Dr. Lily Houghton (Blunt) travels from London to the Amazon rainforest determined to find an ancient tree with extraordinary healing skills, able to change the future of medicine (didn’t this recently be seen in «Dolittle»?). To navigate the dangers of the jungle, she recruits the services of Frank Wolff (Johnson), a guide of questionable trajectory, to help her transit the river in La Quila, in her ramshackle (but charming) little boat.

We already know what comes next: endless adventures amid the lush rainforest, dangers of all kinds and some supernatural seasoning, while the duo does its magic to avoid the competition that also wants to take hold of this treasure and, surely , to save the rest of the world, whose fate hangs in the balance (??). The formula is well known, but Collet-Serra has the charisma of its two protagonists, a point in favor to guarantee success in the ticket offices. We already know that Johnson turns (almost) everything he touches into millions into a fundraiser, and Blunt doesn’t do as badly as heroin.      «Jungle Cruise» adds to a short but insistent list of adaptations based on mouse park attractions, after the television «Tower of Terror» (1997), «The Great Adventure of Beary» (The Country Bears, 2002) – which went to stop right to video-, «The Haunted Mansion» (The Haunted Mansion, 2003) with Eddie Murphy, the aforementioned Jack Sparrow saga and the failed «Tomorrowland» (2015), who was unable to lift flight to become that franchise that glimpsed the studio.

No one can resist these two

It is now the responsibility of Dwayne and Emily (and the director and the writers) to achieve this new event that, if it works, could bring us several adventurous sequels. «Jungle Cruise» was originally to be released in October last year, but comes to our theaters (if the Coronavirus permits) on July 23rd, just for the winter holidays, as should be the case with any family film that lends itself as such. To get into the weather we leave you this new advance. In this note:

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