translated from Spanish: The daughter of «The Bully» and 15 young people from the Tepito Union are detained

Mexico City.-In an operation carried out by police officers of the Secretariat of Ssecurity (SSC) 16 young people, suspected members of the Tepito Union, were arrested in the Tepito colony, the Cuauhtémoc mayor, who held several wrappers of marijuana and cocaine. At the site a woman identified as the daughter of «El Matón» was arrested last week in Peralvillo and another captured young man is identified as Philip «N», who are allegedly drug dealers and belong to the group of Oscar Andrés «N», known as «El Lun ares,» is the alleged leader of the Tepito Union.
The SSC uniforms carried out information-gathering patrols for the fight against the crime of drug trafficking in Jesús Carranza Street, when they noticed that a group of young men exchanged wrappers and carried plastic bags, so they were struck approached the place. After identifying theself as police officers from this Secretariat, they underwent a precautionary review, assuring them of various wrappers with a white cocaine-like powder, and several packages containing apparent marijuana. As a result of this arrest, the officers found that, according to the data from the investigation, different types of narcotics were possibly marketed on that site, so the perimeter was immediately secured and the authority was given ministerial meeting. In the meantime, 13 men and three women were arrested, who were secured bags of different sizes, packages, jars and wrappers containing a green grass similar to marijuana, as well as dust and stones, possible cocaine, as well as gram scales and objects for packaging. The detainees were made available to the public prosecutor’s office in the Central Prosecutor’s Office for the Care of the Crime of Narcomenude, who will determine their legal status; and at least five properties were sealed and taken into custody for the lead actions carried out by the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City. Prison System of the City and the State of Mexico, for crimes such as drug trafficking, robbery of passers-by and simple theft.

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