translated from Spanish: Barricades and rants were recorded at different points in Santiago on Wednesday night

Santiago, Central Station, La Cisterna, Conchalí and Peñalolén were the main communes where events of violence were recorded during Wednesday night.
In Santiago, a few meters from the Palacio de la Moneda, clashes were recorded between Carabineros and hooded. Protesters cut off traffic and threw blunt objects at police, according to biobio’s information.
On the other hand, near the station Las Rejas looted a local Maicao, a situation that was repeated in Peñalolén with a place of «Super Bodega a Cuenta».
According to the aforementioned medium, near the Intermodal Station La Cisterna, secondary barricades and threw stones at private vehicles transiting the Great Avenue. A minor was arrested for this situation.
On this situation, Interior Minister Gonzalo Blumel lamented the unrest and assured that the Government had taken all measures to restore public order.
In addition, due to these acts of violence, Transantiago had to suspend the departure of buses from terminals, while Santiago Metro suspended the service of Line 4A at 21:00 hours.

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