translated from Spanish: Cancelling events by COVID-19 will depend on several factors: Health

The government announced that the arrival of international flights to Mexico, or to close borders or cancel mass events for the COVID-19 coronavirus will not be restricted. 
Cancellation of public events would be selective, after analyzing «patterns and characteristics that make it eligible (to the event) to be cancelled» or postponed, explained the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell.
«If we stay disciplined we can do an orderly closure of public spaces,» he said.
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Lopez-Gatell noted that there is no scientific evidence that closing borders and airports will prevent the spread of the virus, so this has not yet been considered.
Although he said that «there is reasonably solid scientific evidence that screening at exit ports helps the rest of the world.»
So it will take the temperature to travelers leaving Mexico.
Organizers attentive to cancellations
López-Gatell Ramirez said that on the part of the government and organizers there is a willingness to postpone events at the most critical moment of the contagion and to be done weeks later.
The official said that because of the number of cases in Mexico – 12 confirmed – there is still in import scenario 1. 
Cancellation of events would occur in scenario 2 where there is already a community dispersion but which can still track cases.
Scenario 3 is the epidemic, in which cases are counted by thousands and not all contacts can be traced.
The undersecretary said that in 15 days you could be in scenario 2, then the cancellation will be analyzed.
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On Wednesday, federal and state health authorities confirmed five new imported cases of COVID-19 coronavirus in Mexico City, Mexico State, Nuevo León and Querétaro, adding up to 12 contagions in the country. 
In total, eight men and four women with different travel history to Europe are confirmed cases in seven states of the country. 
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