translated from Spanish: On alert ? THE DEBATE

On alert. On March 17, the Royal Princess tourist cruiser, which remained anchored in the port of Los Angeles, will return to Mazatlan after he suspected coronavirus cases. The results of the covid-19 test, which was performed on one crew member and two guests disembarked, were negative, as reported yesterday by the Secretary of Tourism in the State, Oscar Pérez Barros. Meanwhile, tourism activity in Mazatlan remains unchanged and calm, and maritime authorities argue that recommended health actions are being implemented to prevent the coronavirus from entering the landing zone.  Covid-19. Fear of the presence of coronavirus in Culiacan has passed. Although there are many hygiene measures that have been taken following the announcement that the first case was confirmed in this city, who remained in isolation in a hotel in the Tres Rios sector. However, he was already discharged by the Sinaloa Ministry of Health, because the last test he was given showed that he is free of the disease, with no possibility of contagion, so he was able to travel to his home city. This gives peace of mind to the inhabitants of the Capital of Sinaloense, but it is very important not to let our guard down, to avoid future contagion, because this disease came to stay in Mexico. Although it has not been as strong as the AH1N1 influenza, it left many infected and deaths across the country, but the prevention measures are the same as with coronavirus, and they should always be implemented, even if there is no risk of a pandemic. Cachito. For those who want to participate in the raffla of the presidential plane, the good news is that the little ones are already on sale in Sinaloa, with a value of 500 pesos; and the whole series, 10 thousand pesos. In a stroke of luck, he may even be a winner, but he will not receive the plane as a prize, but money, according to the strategy explained by the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has been heavily criticized for using this theme to divert attention from controversial issues that occur in the country, such as femicides, national unemployment and women’s demonstrations, to name just a few. But if you are one of the people who agrees with the raffle and want to spend your money on lottery cards, you can already participate in this draw, which will be next September 15, and you can even give the «Scream» of happiness. That’s the way it is with the country’s Fourth Transformation. There are already agreements. Finally, in Communications and Public Works of the State Congress an agreement was reached to dictate the reform to the Public Works Act, in which it emphasizes that Precasin can only award works for conservation and maintenance. A pattern of social witnesses will be made to monitor tendering processes, and powers are returned to drinking water boards and removed to Ceapas for work. There is still no date for the Commission to meet, but finally there is agreement between the parliamentary groups to bring this outstanding. Now there will only be two outstanding reforms to be ruled: the State Superior Audit Act and the Sinaloa State Pension institute act.Desperation. It’s about to start the maize threshing process, and there’s desperation among Sinapeople producers because there’s no response from the federal government to issue the operating rules for marketing this grain. Yesterday a meeting was held at the Governors Hall of the Government Palace, where the governor of the state, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, listened to the leaders of agricultural associations to seek together solution through Segalmex, to the lack of certainty in the price of the maize, for which a meeting will be held with the general manager, Ignacio Ovalle, next week.

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