translated from Spanish: Pudahuel municipality to complain against an explosion-causing company in warehouses

It is more than a week since the commune of Pudahuel experienced a large explosion and subsequent fire in the San Francisco wineries, where 4 people were killed and several injured. It is because of this fact, that the municipality will complain against those responsible for quasi-crime of homicide and injury. According to El Mercurio, the municipality of Pudahuel explained that «the company Explonum, in charge of the sinierated winery, did not comply with the regulations that are required in the premises or with the respective municipal permits». They also reaffirm their position with the fact that «the winery is only authorized for administration and storage,» adding that «at the time of the havoc flammable chemicals and other explosive materials were processed in mineral work, which is why could be the cause of magnitude of the accident.» In the wake of the explosion and fire that resulted «there were direct fatalities and the life and health of other people who were in the place at the time of the events was endangered», which is why it is a quasi-crime of maximum gravity, as added by the Municipality. For the time being, the Western Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office continues to investigate whether inside the wineries used a mill to mix chemicals, which may have been the cause of the explosion.

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