translated from Spanish: They ask SEJ not to take children to school if they have the flu

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- The Secretariat of Education Jalisco issued an exhortation to parents: not to take their children if they have symptoms of respiratory diseases.

«In order to strengthen the protection and health promotion measures of the school community (…) the unit calls on mothers, parents and guardians to avoid taking them to school if they detect symptoms of respiratory diseases in children,» reads in a statement sent by the state unit.

This is done as part of the strategy to prevent possible cthroughs of Covid-19 in educational facilities.

The measure also extends to the teaching, managerial and support staff, and those who stand in front of the group will monitor the health of students.

In the event that they exhibit suspicious symptoms, they will contact the relatives responsible for students to be medically assessed

For this purpose will be coordinated with the Ministry of Health Jalisco which enabled an exclusive line for the care of these conditions, which is 333-823-3220.

Any absences generated for this reason will be justified, the Ministry of Education said, it is sufficient to notify the teacher or the manager of the campus.

However, the Ministry of Education did not report whether they will place filters on the entrance of educational campuses where children are given antibacterial gel and taken in temperature for possible cases of influenza diseases.

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