translated from Spanish: What are the crimes against public health and what are their penalties?

With the obligatory quarantine that the government formalized with the publication of the decree signed by Alberto Fernández, anyone who does not respect it can be prosecuted for “crimes against public health”. “Violation of the measures provided for in this Decree will result in the sanctions that are applicable under current regulations,” Article 22 states the decree that the national government published today.  

These offences are typified in the Criminal Code in Chapter IV and in relation to the Health Emergency is article 205:
“It shall be repressed on a prison of six months to two years, which violates the measures taken by the competent authorities to prevent the introduction or spread of an epidemic.”

On the other hand, Article 239 of the Penal Code provides for sentences of 15 days to one year for those who “resist or disobey a public official in the legitimate exercise of their duties or the person who assists him at his request or under a legal obligation.”
This is in response to the institition E of Article 7 of today’s decree of necessity and urgency, which urges officials, health personnel and authorities in general to denounce those who fail to quarantine.

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