translated from Spanish: Coronavirus: Macri asked to accompany government measures

Former President Mauricio Macri today called for “accompanying the measures taken by the government” by the representative Alberto Fernández for the coronavirus and considered that you should not “fall into the scouns.” The global community and Argentines are going through times where public and personal health has become a concern,” Macri said, after the executive branch declared the health emergency for a year.

Through his Twitter account, the former representative supported the measures taken by his successor, which include mandatory quarantine for those who have traveled to the at-risk areas and the suspension of flights there.

The world community and Argentines are going through moments where public and personal health have become a concern.— Mauricio Macri (@mauriciomacri)
March 13, 2020

“It is such an extraordinary situation that in most countries events have demanded exceptional measures that require coordination and resources from states, as well as solidarity, commitment and patience on the part of citizens,” he said.

That is why I would like to invite everyone to be responsible and to remain calm, as well as to accompany the actions taken by the government. I know that news coming from the world at times can cause unease, but we should not fall into the scoop.— Mauricio Macri (@mauriciomacri)
March 13, 2020

Macri expressed himself after cancelling this week a trip to Europe for the coronavirus. Days ago, the former representative had said at a meeting in Guatemala that “more dangers than coronavirus is populism.” 

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