translated from Spanish: H@ckers create malware that can take full control of your social networks and steal your cookies

It warns of a statement warning about two new malware modifications for Android operating system devices that allow hackers to steal cookies from a user’s browser and social media apps, if they are combined. The aforementioned vulnerability allows cybercriminals to take full control of the victim’s account to send malicious content through it.
«The first Trojan acquires root rights on the victim’s device, allowing thieves to transfer Facebook cookies to their own servers,» Kaspersky explains in a statement and acknowledges that it is often not enough to have the identification number to take control of someone else’s account. «Some websites have security measures that prevent suspicious login attempts; for example, from a previously active user in Chicago trying to log in from Bali just a few minutes later.»
In this process the second Trojan comes into action. «You can run a proxy server on the victim’s device to circumvent security measures and gain access without suspicion.» From there, the criminals can impersonate the victim and take control of their social media account to distribute unwanted content.
«By combining two attacks, cookie thieves have discovered a way to take control of their victims’ account without suspicion. Although this is a relatively new threat (so far only about 1,000 people have been attacked), the figure is growing and will probably continue to do so, especially since it is very difficult to detect by websites. Even though we don’t normally pay attention to cookies when browsing the web, they are still another means of processing our personal information, and every time that information about us is collected online we should pay attention,» says Igor Golovin, a malware analyst at Kaspersky.
Some recommendations to prevent the theft of cookies are to block access to third parties in the phone’s web browser, delete them periodically and use security apps.

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