translated from Spanish: Journalist after suffering live sexual harassment: «I felt so angry and helpless»

A complex moment lived the journalist of Mucho Gusto, Simón Oliveros, when he was making a live office. The journalist was conducting an interview about the day of rants and riots that last night in the capital, when a woman walks by, shouting, «TV is lying.» In the face of this, Oliveros tried to calm the situation but the woman came back and touched him from behind. After what happened, the professional said that at the time he felt «the need to speak to those people who feel the right to make to others what they can think of,» he told The Fourth. «I can get stone, hit or spit on, but in this case it was sexual abuse, without euphemism, because one person touching another’s ass without their consent is abuse. That had to make it clear,» he replied. In addition to commenting that he felt «undermining,» he reiterated that «women have put him very well on the shovel. Here who defines what an abusive practice is is the victim. I felt so much anger and helplessness.» For the same reason, he decided to put the complaint in Carabineros. «The channel offered to help me with lawyers, but I didn’t want to take them, because I want this issue to look like it happened to anyone, not as a TV journalist.»

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