translated from Spanish: Marlene de La Fuente for stealth theft at her house: “It’s better that it was, without having to see them and face them”

The ex-wife of journalist Ivan Nunez, Marlene de la Fuente, was robbed at her home while she was sleeping with her four children. The journalist, also stole $15 million in species, which she realized the next day, while ordering her bag for the gym.Like every day, she made breakfast to her children and sent them to school, but around 8:00 in the morning as she ordered her gym bag, she noticed that she was missing things in her piece, and that her closet was scrambled. In an interview with LUN, de La Fuente commented that “before I go to the gym I make my bag with the formal clothes that I will wear during the day. I’m starting to look for my wallet and I realize there weren’t the three rings I’d left on top of them. They’re all gold with glitter and five louis Vuitton and other Dolce & Gabbana wallets.” After noticing this, she immediately called her lawyer, her sisters, Carabineros and her ex-husband, Ivan Nunez, who immediately arrived at the scene. She added that “at first it was terrible, because you feel vulnerable. You know they came in while me and my kids were sleeping, although it’s better that it was, without having to see them and face them.” This is not the first time That Marlene de la Fuente has suffered a robbery, since last November two bicycles were stolen from her children. Still, he says, “I’m not going to change because it’s the children’s house, where they were born and raised. I am very brave, it does not terrify me, but it does put me on alert because it happened with my children in the house.”

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