translated from Spanish: Two so-called thieves are g0lpead0s and $nudad0s for neighbors, in Apatzingán

Apatzingán, Michoacán.- After receiving a beating two men were forced to walk naked through various streets of this city of Apatzingán. The fact circulated through social media and in relation to what happened transcended in the journalistic work that the assaults were captured by the people themselves who faced the fed-up of crime took justice by their own hand.
The event was aired on Facebook. Those affected were captured by the public when they walked completely naked along Avenida Constitución in 1814 towards the central area of this town. In addition, on the backs of the beaten the legend “by rats” was written.
The exhibits also passed outside the Mercado del Ahuate. The inhabitants of the area were the ones who, when they noticed, taxed those affected and also requested the presence of the Police, a situation that sat down the mobilization of the representatives of the law to the site where the assaults were.
Voices close to the topic commented to this editor that there was no formal complaint against the injured, which found that they are related to some illicit and urged society not to take justice in their own hands and instead, go to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to file the respective complaint if you are the victim of a crime.

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