translated from Spanish: Players of “Jaguar Warriors” are stranded in Honduras by coronavirus

Honduras.- In recent minutes a video has been circulated in which a group of women ask the Mexican government for help so that they can return to Mexico. The team traveled a few days ago to Central America for the 2020 America Women’s Bowl. After confirmed cases of coronavirus increased and some borders were closed in Central America as in El Salvador, Mexican sconers have asked for help to leave the country. 

“The day we arrived in El Salvador they closed the border because of the coronavirus, then we traveled to Honduras and practically, we are locked up here in Honduras”

Only counting the players is 55, adding coaches, staff and family members around 90 people stranded in Honduras. The only way they could leave the country is by land crossing Guatemala and Belize but they need to do so before they close their respective borders.
“We want your support so the authorities know we’re here and help us get back,” “We need to go back if or if to Mexico,” the players said. 

On social media, the video is already circulating, so now they are only waiting for government help or taking the road trip within a few more hours if countries allow them.

Original source in Spanish

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