translated from Spanish: How much toilet paper do you need to survive the pandemic? Find out here

After the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, many people decided to go and buy products from supermarkets to have during quarantine. One of the most requested was toilet paper. Although Alberto Fernandez at a press conference asked that people not have “fear of supply”, on social media, hundreds of images of carts full of packages circulated. That’s why Ben Sassoon and Sam Harris created an online test to calculate the amount of toilet paper you need to survive the pandemic. Some of the items to complete are how many rolls you have in your house, how many visits you do to the bathroom per day and more.

The tool quickly went viral, as many users decided to do the test. At the top, you can see the percentage that the consumer needs, while in “advanced options” you can choose the quarantine days or how many sheets the product brings. According to the page’s creators, the initiative seeks to calm the anxiety and madness unnecessary by the product.” Not everyone can get to a store and stock up on toilet paper. Don’t be selfish,” is the official slogan. To enter you can click here. 

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