translated from Spanish: Coronavirus: ANFP announced suspension of Futsal championships

The National Professional Football Association (ANFP) announced on Monday the suspension of all Futsal championships, in their men’s and women’s versions. Through a statement, the governing body of Chilean football reported that “as a preventive measure it has been decided to suspend all futsal competences, both male and female, from Monday, March 16.” This action is taken with the aim of protecting our players within the inescapable commitment to the health and safety of all those who are part of the tournament. As has been so far, ANFP will follow all instructions from health authorities and protocols of action to prevent the spread of Covid-19,” he added. The men’s futsal championship already had 13 dates, with the University of Chile as the leader with 28 points and with the ticket secured to the playoffs, final phase that also has qualified to Santiago Wanderers (24). As for the women’s branch, Boston College tops the table with 18 points, followed by Santiago Morning (16), Cobresal (15) and Palestino (13). The futsal is added to the paralysis of Young Football in all its categories and after the COVID-19 protocol enters phase 4 today, the suspension of the main professional categories is also expected.

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