translated from Spanish: Santiago stock market recorded its biggest fall since 1988 and the dollar hit new all-time high

The Santiago Stock Exchange had a reversal of this day of 14.31%, the highest since October 6, 1988, a day after the triumph of «NO» in the plebiscite that ended the dictatorship. None of the 30 shares that make up the Selective Share Price Index (IPSA), the main indicator of the Stock Exchange, had a positive close and were Parque Arauco, Enel, ILC, Falabella and Mall Plaza, the securities that had the greatest fall in their value. Indeed, 25 of IPSA’s 30 shares closed with falls above 10%, Emol reported. This was caused by the fall in world markets due to the spread of coronavirus, and also by the announcement that Chile entered Phase 4 of the disease, after 155 people were confirmed to be infected by the virus.Read also: After confirming 156 cases of coronavirus Chile moves to Phase 4 and all borders are closed To this, the rise in the price of the dollar that soared $16.80 this day and closed at $854.80 seller and $854.50 buyer. This is a new high, surpassing the $853.70 it had ended last Thursday. At its opening the dollar rose during this day about $15, ranking at $853.20 seller and $852.83 buyer. The numbers are generated despite Friday’s $ 15.70 u.s. currency falling at its biggest fall of the year, with almost everything that had risen the previous day.

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