translated from Spanish: Covid-19: Labour Minister Said Catastrophe State Seeks to Protect Workers

After the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic led President Sebastián Piñera to decree a State of Catastrophe, the Minister of Labour, María José Zaldívar, said that in the portfolio they are determined to advance in projects that allow to regulate the remote work.
In that vein, he said that Piñera’s decision, the priority is to “protect workers”, adding that “when we talk about it, we talk about their life, their health, their safety, but also their source of work”.
While, referring to this remote work project, he said that “companies are implementing it, but when there is no clear legislation, there are things that are not clear and not as convenient for workers”.
Regarding the State of Catastrophe decree, the portfolio holder stressed that it allows “action to be taken and the legal tools to do so. In terms of work, what we must continue to see is to see ways to protect workers and protect families and within this protection is all that is with minimizing social contact, but also ensuring supply, measures concrete we must see them day by day.”
In this context, the Minister further stated that “we raised in the higher labour council that we should all have enough flexibility to see how these measures changed with this emergency. A measure taken today the most suitable will not be the same for tomorrow. We need to improve to take measures that are the most efficient for all citizens.”

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