translated from Spanish: Gala Caldirola after awkward question about her marriage to «Huaso» Island: «I believe that all couples go through crisis»

Weeks ago it is rumoured of a possible marital crisis among the Chilean footballer Mauricio Isla and the participant of «Dancing for a Dream», Gala Caldirola, who referred to this situation during space after an uncomfortable question. The jury Francisca García-Huidobro talked to her about her mood, making her know that for a few weeks he sees her a little sad and took the opportunity to ask if «is something going on or is it just an impression of me?» To which Gala replied that «Hey… I mean, sad, no. I’m super positive in any situation. The thing is, of course, it’s all being like super intense, settling here, in a different, new place, with the girl alone, external situations. And now, of course, with all this too, it’s taken me a little while to land on that I have to dance on. Right now the atmosphere is not the same as the one we had the other time. All colder, all tenser. Maybe you noticed tonight. I think it’s super normal that it’s been noticed.» After this situation the driver Martín Cárcamo consulted him about his relationship with the left side of the Chilean national team where the Spaniard claimed that she is concerned about the subject for her daughter since she has not been able to see her father, because of the crisis of the coronavirus after delaying the Eliminatory. At that moment an Argentine producer approaches the jury García-Huidobro to ask directly if she was separated or not, to what the former driver of «Follow Long» pointed out » Do you want to ask him something, sir?… Lol Here I ask what I want to ask. Here’s a gentleman who tells me I have to ask you something.»» I’ll take care of it. This gentleman, who is standing next door, says to ask you if you are separated… The Argentine producer standing here next to me wants to know if you’re separated,» the jury said after a little discussion. To which Gala replied «I mean, uh… I do not know. I think it’s better than, when you don’t know what to say, not say anything… Always… Better times. I believe that all couples go through crises, say, crises… I just don’t like to talk much about personal issues on TV either. If I know you’re noticed, because I’m an exposed person and I can’t lie and say ‘nothing happens’. But I’m calm.» Dirty rags are washed at home… I have nothing to say. These are personal things,» the Spaniard closed after the driver’s insistence on the talk about it.

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