translated from Spanish: Coronavirus Effect: Medical Students from the University of Chile are offered to voluntarily strengthen the clinical hospital

One of this week’s controversies was the unemployment of 7-year-old medical students from the Catholic University, who held this protest to refuse to help in the event of an emergency by coronavirus. As a counterpoint to this, his medical peers from the University of Chile volunteered to reinforce the work of the institution’s clinical hospital.
“We turn to you with the intention of informing that we are available to the Department of Surgery of the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile if our help is necessary and that for no reason we will subtract from such a call,” it is read in the mail sent to the Institutional Hospital.
“We believe that is the least we can do to help the country, our patients and thank for the teaching they give us day by day,” add the students, who, like their UC peers, take 7th year of the degree.
Finally, they thank their teachers for taking measures such as the suspension of their internees as soon as the Covid-19 contagion in the country evolved, with the aim of avoiding vector and source of intra-hospital contagion.

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