translated from Spanish: Gendarmerie confirmed attempted escape in Jail Santiago 1

In the first instance the general of Carabineros, Enrique Monras, recounted that at about 13:30 hours almost 200 inmates of module 31 of the Santiago Uno prison held a demonstration inside the prison. For his part, Monras detailed that «around 13:30 hours there was an attempt at mutiny, disorders inside. So Gendarmerie did protocol and called us.» After a few minutes, the operating colonel of Gendarmerie confirmed the information given by the High Command of Carabineros and claimed that there was a «massive escape attempt that the institution that thwarted» that caused a mess within the center and said that the measure managed to be controlled «thanks to an intelligence job.» So far he has advanced that 9 people belonging to the institution have been injured. However, he did not take a record of the inmates affected after demonstrations within the Prison Center.After incidents in Santiago 1, Gendarmerie would have activated the protocols so Carabineros and Firefighters arrived at the site, as it was record in aerial shots, smoke emanation is observed in jail. Finally, staff from the Institute for Human Rights came to the scene to assess the situation who will then give a balance on what happened.

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