translated from Spanish: Minister Blumel on Covid-19 Social Table: “This is an instance of collaboration, coordination and dialogue”

This Sunday, the COVID-19 Social Bureau met for the first time, which seeks to combine criteria from different actors to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic in the country. Following the meeting, Interior Minister Gonzalo Blumel said that “this is an instance of collaboration, coordination and dialogue”, composed of 15 members, from the world of academia, Medical College, WHO, the previous and the current government and mayors. The secretary of state explained that the table will session twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, which can be evaluated. He also said that it seeks to “convey certainty, support and establish a plan as a country to successfully combat the pandemic”. Finally, he felt that the measures to be taken at the instance and the strategy to be determined to continue to deal with the pandemic will be frequently reported. For her part, the president of the Medical College (Colmed), Izkia Siches, appreciated the government’s call to form the instance, and said that she overcame her differences with the Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich.Siches, stated after the appointment that “we are willingness to collaborate with our scientific societies, different regional councils of the country and all our professionals, in order to face the PANdemic of COVID-19”. In addition, he detailed that they presented “a number of measures to the Government, working with care networks, especially so that our health teams are clear about what actions to implement in each case”. Siches reiterated that “as Colmed we are making available to collaborate with scientific societies, as collaborative work is required, that is why we are constantly going to meet to take action”. In addition, he called on citizens to “not buy on the black market any elements of personal protection, items that have been stolen from hospitals put our health personnel at risk.”

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