translated from Spanish: Minsal confirmed Compin’s closure in downtown Santiago by Covid-19 outbreak

The Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, referred to the coronavirus outbreak in the Compin’s office in Calle Huérfanos, in the center of the commune of Santiago.This after the mayor of Renca, Claudio Castro, revealed that the 82-year-old woman who died Saturday by Saturday by the virus was infected by a person who worked in this branch. In this way, the communal chief delusionted the version of Minister Jaime Mañalich, who had assured that the old woman had been infected by a relative who had arrived from abroad. During this morning’s press point in La Moneda, Daza reiterated that the contagion occurred through a “family cluster,” but that “there was indeed one person who was confirmed a few days ago, particularly on March 16,”, according to Emol.La undersecretary He added that “it was immediately decided to close the Compin and therefore the Compin of the Metropolitan Region, orphans headquarters, is down from that date until now.” The authority did not deliver a number of victims in this branch, ruling that “at this time all compin people are quarantined, both in confirmed cases and contacts, therefore they are not attending public throughout the week”.

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