translated from Spanish: Cadem: 48% negatively assessed Piñera’s management against coronavirus crisis

The discharge of President Sebastián Piñera rose to 18% in the Cadem Plaza Pública survey, in a week marked by the crisis by the spread of coronavirus in the country.
In the previous measurement, support for the representative had marked 12%, which involved a 6 percentage point increase. The rejection, meanwhile, went back 10 points and stood at 71%.
Regarding the pandemic crisis, 52% of respondents said that the country is under preparation to deal with it and, 48% misclassified the President’s management in the face of the crisis, while 54% made the same assessment of the Minister of Cheers, Jaime Mañalich.
70% of respondents said mayors have acted well or very well, while 66% positively assessed the performance of medical college president Izkia Siches.
81% of respondents supported the plebiscite for a new Constitution being deferred as a prevention measure against the disease.
In another area, on social mobilizations, 55% were in favour of their continuity, a drop of 9 percentage points, while those who disagreed with it increased by 10 points and stood at 42%.

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