translated from Spanish: Coronavirus in the UK: three weeks of mandatory quarantine

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson decreed compulsory quarantine for all Britons. The confinement will last three weeks, where the representative ordered “to stay at home.” 
At the national network, the premier said: “From tonight I must give the British people one instruction: you must stay at home.” 

In this way, Johnson yields to European demand. For example, French President Emmanuel Macron threatened to close the border with the kingdom, after the European Union warned that the kingdom could suffer a similar situation to Italy within three weeks. 

“Stay home or you’ll face a fine,” British Prime Minister told the country on a national network, after denying the crisis for weeks and seeking to fix it without quarantine and defending its economy over people’s lives. In his speech, the premier said that all businesses other than pharmacies and supermarkets or supply locations should close immediately.

People will only be able to leave their homes to buy their basic needs as infrequently as possible. They will be able to walk or run once a day, provide help to a sick or vulnerable person, and travel to work if absolutely necessary. “These are the only reasons why you can leave your home. If your friends ask you to see it, you should say no. You should not be reunited with other family members who do not live in your home. If they do not follow the rules, the police will have the power to reinforce them, including fines and dispersing meetings,” the prime minister said. In this note:

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