translated from Spanish: Coronavirus pandemic exceeds 350,000 people infected and 15,000 people killed worldwide

The pandemic of the new coronavirus originated in the city of Wuhan, hubei province in central China, has already caused more than 350,000 contagions and more than 14,500 dead, with the United States ranked as the third most affected country, with more than 35,000 cases , and with Spain in fourth place, with more than 33,000 positives. According to the global balance updated on Monday at 14 a.m. by Johns Hopkins University, the new coronavirus pandemic has spread across 167 countries and territories, with a total of 350,536 people infected and 15,328 fatalities. The number of people who have managed to heal from Covid-19, the disease generated by coronavirus, amounts to 100,182, most of them in China (more than 72,000). China remains the most affected country, with 81,496 people infected, 3,274 people killed and 72,819 people cured. Italy remains in second place, with 59,138 spills, 5,476 deaths and 7,024 people recovered. The United States has been the third most affected country by the pandemic since the weekend, with a total of 35,225 cases and 471 deaths. In fourth place is Spain, with 33,089,768 positives, 2,182 dead and 3,355 people recovered, according to data updated at 14.00 hours on Monday. Germany is the fifth most affected country, with 26,220 cases, 111 deaths and 266 people discharged. Iran is still on positive 23,049, 1,812 dead and 8,376 people recovered. France accumulates a total of 16,720 cases of coronavirus, with 676 fatalities and 2,201 people recovered, followed by South Korea, which for several weeks became the world’s most contagious country after China and now has the nearly controlled outbreak , with 8,961 positives, 111 dead and 3,166 people cured. Switzerland accounts for 8,234 positive cases and 107 deaths, followed by the UK, with 5,748 cases and 282 killed. The Netherlands, meanwhile, accumulates 4,217 positive cases, with 180 fatalities. Austria, with 3,806 people infected and 16 fatalities; Belgium, with 3,743 positives and 88 dead; Norway, with 2,415 contagions and eight fatalities; Portugal, with 2,060 cases and 23 dead; Sweden, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Malaysia, Canada, Israel, Turkey, Czech Republic and Japan complete the list of countries with more than a thousand people infected.

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