translated from Spanish: Nearly 900 people have criminal cases for failing to comply with quarantine

The Ministry of Security released data on compliance operations for mandatory quarantine. It follows that a total of 896 people were brought criminal cases from the beginning of compulsory isolation until this Monday. 

According to the Ministry, during this period 61,971 vehicles were controlled, of which 424 were abducted, in different operations carried out by the security forces. Of this total, 270 correspond to the Federal Police (PFA), 106 to the National Gendarmerie (GNA), 24 to the Argentine Naval Prefecture (PNA), 20 to the Airport Security Police (PSA), and four to theportine police.  During operations, 9,621 citizens were notified to return to their homes as a result of the inability to justify non-compliance with mandatory isolation. 

As for the number of people who were initiated cases, Gendarmería stopped 769, Prefecture at 51, the City Police at 63, the Airport Security Police at 9, and the Federal To four. The excepts for compliance with compulsory quarantine are covered by a list of 24 activities considered “essential” which are allowed to circulate. In this note:

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