translated from Spanish: Coronavirus deaths in Italy increased again: 743 in 24 hours

The death toll in Italy with the coronavirus reached 6,820 on Tuesday, increasing by 743 in the last 24 hours. The number of deaths had been falling in the last two days (Monday had been 601) but with this new figure the trend broke. However, according to data provided by the head of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli, there was a decrease – for the third day in a row – in the positive cases of COVID-19 amounting to 54,030, 3,612 more than Monday. A total of 8,326 people have been cured and the total number of coronavirus cases since the outbreak was detected in Italy is 69.176.La Region of Lombardy (north) remains the hardest hit, with 30,703 total contagions and 4,178 deaths, and it is followed by Emilia Romagna (9,254 Veneto (5,948 contagions) and Piedmont (5,515). Of the 54,030 currently infected, 28,697 people are at home, 21,937 are admitted to hospitals, 3,396 in intensive care units. The President of the Senior Health Council, Franco Locatelli, recalled that the restrictive measures imposed by the Italian Government are for the time being until 3 April and said that a few days earlier we will have to look at the emergency situation to see if it is necessary prolong them or not. The Italian Government has suspended all non-essential productive activity, closed all businesses except those offering first-need services, closed schools and universities, entertainment venues, banned social gatherings and events has limited people’s movements to work, health or necessity reasons. All these measures have one goal, to control the spread of the virus and to overcome the peak of the transmission curve. 

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