translated from Spanish: Full video: this is how Fito Páez’s recital was experienced via streaming

Throughout his career, Fito Páez filled stadiums, performed on stages around the world and toured countless; however, this time he presented himself from the living room of his home, via streaming on a live Instagram. «Pass at home,» was called the initiative, which had already generated anticipation in all followers. Not only did it meet expectations, but it became the plan of hundreds of people on Friday night.

This was because it was also broadcast on Public TV, which shared the video of the full show on Youtube; to date, it had more than 90,000 views and hundreds of comments. Throughout the hour and ten minutes of the broadcast, the musician performed about 15 songs including «Resurrect» or «The Song of the Beasts» from his last album «The Conquest of Space».

In turn, there was no shortage of classics such as «11 and 6», which he hooked with «Cable to Ground», «Dar es dar», «Mariposa technicolor» and «Next to the road». For the closure, the artist chose «I come to offer my heart». In this way, the musician sought to raise awareness of the importance of staying at home, as a coronavirus prevention, as indicated by different health professionals around the world.» I think it’s very important that we’re all in a house and think about all the people who don’t have the ability to do it,» he wrote on Instagram, adding, «Let’s think about those people and the people who assist them. Please, everyone in the houses. Thank you.» In this note:
Fito Páez

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