translated from Spanish: Industrial sector in Michoacán not yet for contingency: Canacintra

Morelia, Michoacán.- The president of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra) in Morelia, Abelardo Pérez Estrada, assured that the industry sector has not yet fully stopped its work despite the contingency by coronavirus covid-19, but it did not ruled out this happening after it became known that Mexico moved on to the second phase of action in the face of a pandemic.
At a press conference, the entrepreneur acknowledged that many companies have first been affected by the partial closure of borders that some countries in Europe and the United States maintains because of the health contingency and that losses are yet to be quantified. companies continue to work with appropriate sanitary measures or under the home office scheme.
He reiterated that so far there is no federal provision for companies to close for the contingency, and if they come to ask for this action, they will abide by it.
Pérez Estrada added that the sector is first concerned about the well-being of its workers and also in preventing them from losing their jobs, so he asked the state and federal government to support providing facilities to meet its tax obligations with a period of Extension.
Finally, the president of Canacintra asked the population to attack prevention measures such as hand washing and avoid crowds to the extent possible.

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