translated from Spanish: Netflix’s Danna Paola for Elite castings on networks

Since its inception Danna Paola has managed to maintain an artistic career full of successes and important characters in telenovelas and series, such as Lucrecia, of Elite, the Spanish Series of Netflix that has achieved a great fame among the Latino public. Recently, the Mexican actress and singer performed to earn the role of one of the most important characters in the series that has been placed as a favorite of the fans of the production has been published.

In the clip of just over a minute in length, Danna appears giving her best in Lu’s character and demonstrating her great ability and talent by recreating one of the most popular scenes in the series, in which she fights Nadia , another of the characters.

By presenting Lu among the characters of the series, the young woman became many followers who did not know her, without neglecting all those who were already loyal fans of the Spanish pop star. Elite finally came to light on October 5, 2018 and fascinated the netizens, who began to share the best scenes of the series, which has premiered two more seasons. With three seasons and a fourth to be confirmed, Elite is among the favorites of the Latino public by showing concepts associated with teenage dramas, progressive themes and other aspects of their clichés.
In addition, various sexual themes are covered and has as its main theme the concept of appearances with a plot that hooks you from the first episode.

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