translated from Spanish: To meet healthy distance, Covid-19 phase 2 target in the country

Michoacán.- In announcing that Mexico enters phase 2 in the prevention of Covid-19, the Undersecretary for Health Prevention and Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell emphasized meeting the healthy distance throughout the country, in which the inhabitants themselves must remain 1.5 meters away from each other to prevent contagion.
At the morning press conference, López-Gatell detailed that in the country it is not yet reached at a turning point in the number of confirmed cases, where it changes from a slow spread to an accelerated one, “which represents an opportunity for Mexico”.
“The moment is this and therefore we want to formally declare the beginning of phase two. What allows us to set the horizon for the next 30 to 40 days, where we will begin to visualize that in Mexico, having anticipated the massive measures that have the greatest impacts on reducing transmission and social consequences, we will be able to bend the curve, we’re going to be able to have less transmission,” he explained.
Since yesterday, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that community transmission has already been entered in Mexico, although so far there are only five such cases.

“I want to be clear that success in reducing transmission rather than leading us to a short epidemic will lead to a longer epidemic, but this is important, because what leads us to manage the risk, means making every day fewer cases than those can be served in Mexico’s health system,” Lopez-Gatell said
In Mexico, coronavirus cases rose to 367, while the death toll was four.
Therefore, the recommendations for virus containment are:
Maintain a distance at 1.5 meters, which represents the national day of healthy coexistence.
Protect adults over 65 years of age.
The suspension of classes at all educational levels continues from March 23 to April 19 and could be extended by two more weeks.
Suspend mass events larger than 100 people.
Temporarily suspend work activities involving the mobility of people in all sectors of society.
Continue with personal hygiene measures and do not leave home.

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