translated from Spanish: ANFP suspended all tournaments indefinitely

The National Professional Football Association (ANFP) decided to suspend professional leagues indefinitely, due to the spread of coronavirus in the country, and externalized its concern at the possibility of not being able to comply with the contract with the CDF. The president of the governing body of the national football, Sebastián Moreno, sent a circular to the clubs discizing the paralysis indefinitely of the competitions. Initially, the Quilín-based agency had suspended activity for 14 days. In the document, the ANFP also discloses the complex scenario if it is not continued to be played, in relation to the possibility of not receiving the cdF’s money.” The Ministry of Health, by disclaimer No. 200 of 20 March of the present, which provided for a series of measures for the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, provided, inter alia, for the suspension of professional and amateur sporting events, from 00:00 21 of greater and indefinitely, until epidemiological conditions permit the abolition of this measure,” the letter submits. In view of this, “the matches of the national football championships, in all their series and categories, are paralyzed by the express request of the competent national authority.” The suspension is currently indefinite, and as long as the epidemiological conditions do not allow the resumption of the championships”, the office states. In addition, Moreno expressed his concern to the clubs about the future of the activity. “The situation in the country could make it difficult to meet some of the points set out in our League’s televised contract. That is one of the matters we are working on, in order to make the full performance of the contract visible,” he said. Conversations with Turner have been timely and very helpful, and we believe a joint look at the activity is needed to properly address and defend the interests of clubs,” he said.” We are certainly living one of the most complicated moments in our history, but I have no doubt that we will be strengthened and continue to advance the growth of our industry. It is these kinds of situations that put us to the test and allow us to get the best out of each one to face and overcome these challenges, which are loaded with emotions, passions and feelings that go beyond any belonging,” he concluded.

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