translated from Spanish: How to apply for permission to travel through the City of Buenos Aires

In compliance with the social isolation, preventive and compulsory dictated by the national government only a part of the population is authorized to circulate. For this segment, the City of Buenos Aires provided a permit that must be applied for through the website and presented to the appropriate authorities. To access this permission you must access the website of the Government of Buenos Aires (you can do so by clicking here) and complete a form with the following details:First and last name
Phone and mail
Workplace data
Reasons for the application
There it is cautioned that, if the information is false, a criminal offence is being committed so it could be detaining the person in question. In addition to this justification, «a certification» issued by the employer «stating name, telephone number and other data enabling proper identification of the company is required; name, document number and address of the worker, his qualification as essential staff and domicile of the workplace».

Those responsible for applying for permission are the personnel belonging to the Unified Security Command, composed of the National Gendarmerie, Argentine Federal Police, Airport Security Police and Naval Prefecture.Who can apply for this Permission?
People working in the following areas: Working in food production, sourcing, storage or distribution
I work in a health care or diagnostic facility or facility
Work in the production or supply of pharmaceutical and first-class products
I work in water, sanitation, electricity, gas, fuel, telecommunications, cleaning, solid waste collection or funeral services
Working in financial institutions, insurance and pensions or complementary and related services
Work in the production, storage, transportation, distribution or sale of fuel
Work in media and call center (emergency call center)
I work in private company surveillance services and transport money and securities
I work in the public sector and provide necessary services to care for actions related to the health emergency produced by COVID-19 or am part of an essential area
Work on activities similar to those mentioned above or to be carried out due to force majeure (technical services for home emergencies, etc.)
I work in the Executive Branch to ensure the continuity of the minimum services, arranged by my hierarchical superior
Assistance and care for older adults, children, adolescents, dependents, people with disabilities or vulnerable people
I work in a hotel or accommodation center
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