translated from Spanish: Mayors of quarantined communes assessed the government’s move

The mayors of Providencia, Evelyn Matthei, of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri, and of The Counts, Joaquín Lavín, valued the mandatory quarantine decreed by the Government for seven communes of the Metropolitan Region.Matthei assured after learning of the measure that «this is the moment of solidarity and mutual help. That means we don’t have to panic and we have to abide by the rules we will know in the next few hours.» In addition, it added that I think it is right that this action has been taken, it is clear that these communes have the highest contagion rate and we do not have the right to be spreading this disease to other communes that have smaller outbreaks,» says CHV. For his part, the mayor of Santiago held in the same line that «the quarantine decreed in Santiago goes in the right line, we were asking for it. We all have to take care of this pandemic and stay in the houses.» Alessandri stated that «the basic services of the municipality: garbage collection, emergency, vaccination that is so important, will continue to function, and for its position also Citizen Security».» We have to make a very supportive effort to stay in the house. The supply is assured, the supermarkets will be able to continue to function, the pharmacies will continue to function,» the communal chief said. Mayor Lavín, for his part, also appreciated the move he had been requesting several days ago to «minimize the movement of people.» Finally, he stated that «what was done was to look for a ring of communes that represent a very high percentage of MRI spreads and to prevent more people from spreading in other communes from those areas.» It should be remembered that quarantine will begin tomorrow at 22:00 hours, for 7 days that can be renewed, in the communes of Lo Barnechea, Vitacura, Las Condes, Providencia, Auñoa, Santiago and Independencia.

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