translated from Spanish: Morelia Zoo prioritizes visitor and wildlife health

The premises will remain closed to the public due to the health contingency
Morelia, Michoacán.- Although the Morelia Zoo remains closed, in the face of the pandemic originated by COVID-19, work is maintained inside to safeguard the welfare of animals.
In accordance with the provisions of the health authorities of the State Government, the site closed its doors to visitors to avoid crowds that may lead to possible coronavirus contagion.
However, given the nature of the park’s own work and, in accordance with the commitment to the specimens under protection, the strictly necessary activities are still carried out, taking the necessary preventive measures with the staff who continue to work for the well-being of wildlife.

Tasks such as those of the Department of Nutrition, Preventive Medicine, Operational Subdirection and Ethology, continue to be carried out in a timely manner by the staff of the Zoo, with the intention that the specimens continue to receive attention, as is usually done to ensure their well-being in all aspects.
Without leaving aside the situation that is currently being lived, the enclosure has prepared a series of activities, which will allow to know a little more of the work that is done in the zoo, just that this 2020 celebrates 50 years of life.
Therefore, live tours of different spaces of the park will be carried out in a virtual way so that it is known about food, medical monitoring, veterinary practices and the care that is practiced with the specimens. The invitation is to be attentive to social networks to stay in touch and be able to interact and continue learning thanks to new technologies.

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