translated from Spanish: Salinas Pliego criticizes insulation by COVID-19; asks not to stop going out

The President of Grupo Salinas, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, believes that isolation as a prevention measure before COVID-19 will lead us to disaster and social violence.
In a meeting with the group’s leaders, the entrepreneur said that «as things are going, it looks like we won’t die from coronavirus, but we will be hungry.»
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According to Salinas Pliego, in Mexico, the vast majority do not live on a salary or savings, but to the day and «if they stop generating income today, tomorrow they do not have to eat».
The entrepreneur invited people to take to the streets and not stop economic activity to «prevent this tsunami of job destruction and destruction of the social fabric.» 
In his view, crimping all economic activity by the pandemic «means hunger and therefore in a short time crime, prey and chaos will break out.» 
Salinas Pliego referred that while COVID-19 exists it «is not high mortality» and requested that the word virus not be seen as synonymous with death. 
«Today we are wrong, the streets empty, all closed, empty schools, empty hotels. This can’t be, life has to go on,» he added. 
The chairman of Grupo Salinas asked his workers to heed President López Obrador and remain calm and assured that the political opposition wants to affect him by accusing him that he has not done enough to isolate the population. 
«We have to support the president with encouragement and calm, and it is very appropriate for the fifi opposition to be moderated, because the alternative of isolation is prey and social violence,» he insisted. 
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«We cannot cancel the dreams and lives of millions of people, our strategy of struggle and work if it is sustainable, not as the isolation that leads us to disaster,» he concluded. 
On social media, Salinas Pliego reiterated his stance and noted that fear is very bad adviser and that life must continue.
«The decision to slow a country’s march produces nothing positive, especially when it is based on fear, on a false premise: that COVID-19 means death.»

Today I met with @GrupoSalinas’s management team and the leaders who lead our operations to talk about what we need to deal with the times that goes by #México. We are at a turning point where we must choose between fear and reason.
— Ricardo Salinas Pliego (@RicardoBSalinas) March 25, 2020

As of Tuesday, Mexico has amassed five deaths caused by COVID-19, as well as 405 positive cases and 1,219 suspects.
Because there are already cases without identifiable import history, on March 24, the country moved to phase 2 of the coronavirus epidemic, in which new isolation measures will be implemented for the next 30 or 40 days.
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