translated from Spanish: The automotive sector is made available to fight coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has the world’s population on alert. Health and safety personnel work tirelessly. Governments take action. There are also private sector companies and volunteers who are about to collaborate. In the automotive sector, Ford and Volkswagen have reported that they will make their fleet of vehicles available. The firm of the oval will cede its units to the Red Cross, while the German will transfer its units to health professionals and national security forces. It is a fleet of 10 units, 7 Ford Ranger and 3 Ford Transit. «The destination of the Ford fleet of vehicles is to meet the needs of volunteer transfer and medical supplies, as well as humanitarian aid, originating from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic,» they reported from the oval brand. Volkswagen, meanwhile, grants in comodato «70 units of its fleet for the mobilization of personnel or the necessary equipment for the development of its activities, fundamental to combat the pandemic of the Coronavirus». On the other hand, Toyota made available to the Government its factory located in Zárate for artificial respirator parts, an element that is of vital importance for the treatment of coronavirus infected people. In this note:

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