translated from Spanish: Coronavirus: specialists’ recommendations for passing quarantine as a couple

More than 166 countries are struggling to slow the progression of coronavirus and the number of infected. So most governments implemented an emergency and prevention protocol that calls for citizens to remain at home (within their socio-economic possibilities, of course).

In addition to the widespread isolation of the population – accompanied by the sece of face-to-face classes, the closure of premises not necessary for daily self-supply, and the suspension of sporting and cultural activities – it is recommended: washing your hands often, sanitize and disinfect objects, cough and sneeze in the crease of the elbow, avoid touching the face and more.

Couple and coronavirus isolations

Inside their homes, many people live their day to day with family, and couple, so all parties must put their best to ensure a good living space, which often implies disagreement by the different styles and routines. Therefore, some specialists shared a number of recommendations. Marriage and family therapist from Boulder, Colorado, Michele Weiner-Davis, argued in dialogue with CNN that it’s not as important how couples communicate but don’t stop.» The biggest challenges I’ve faced so far are the cases where both spouses look at what’s happening with different lenses: one person thinks the sky is falling and the other person thinks people are exaggerating the situation,» he said.

Couple and coronavirus isolations

SanNA Clinic psychologist San Borja, Elke Fleischman, recommends treating your partner the way you’d like to be treated. Emphasizes in giving the example, proceeding well earlier, and not waiting for each other’s gestures. The specialist considers the importance of being kind and reconciling when postures are different. For Alev Ates-Barlas, a new York State therapist, he mentioned the importance of meditating and performing an introspection to overcome a tense situation with the couple. In recent hours, the video of a couple from China – the country where the pandemic erupted – was released, recounting their coronavirus experiences.

It should be noted that each couple is different and that the aim of both must be to ensure individual and collective well-being. To be faithful with each other and with the other will allow them a peaceful coexistence and enjoyment. In this note:

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