translated from Spanish: Culiacan seniors collect welfare supports

Sinaloa.- From 7:00 on this day, dozens of seniors began arriving at the Constitution Civic Center Park to collect the welfare pension or federal support as many know it. In wheelchairs, leaning against his cane some people already had up to an hour standing and still had about three more missing, some said.

Staff in charge of this program were asked to keep adults healthy distance of one meter, so the line started to stretch to more than half a kilometer. They also gave them antibacterial gel and information leaflets on how to take care of the coronavirus but many did not use cover caps. In the place Alejandro neighbor of the colony Jorge Almada commented that his card expired and they no longer gave him another one so he had to line up. Some interviewees said if they were afraid of coronavirus but were going to charge because it’s the only income they have to live with. You may be interestedWhat products should antibacterial gel have? IMSS will give 14-day incapacity to workers with symptoms of coronavirusReasteretary of Culture offers solution to boredom during quarantineSinaloa
Federal Government
Pension to seniors

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