translated from Spanish: Demand assisted social isolation for people in street situations

No roof, no quarantine. This is what several social organizations operating in the metropolitan area seek to remedy: they require authorities to enable spaces for street people to safely comply with social isolation. From the NGO No Seas Pavote, Sebastián Ferrero and the rest of the members work to help in the municipalities of Lomas de Zamora and Lanús: «We are going to the Lomas station where many people gather in street situations. Last night, for example, there were more than a hundred people to eat,» he told Télam.
The organization has three houses: Tinku (in which 20 men live); Teresita (women with children) and Guadeloupe (with 11 children): «In these three spaces we are doing quarantine but we are very concerned about the situation of those on the street, so we are demanding that the authorities allow some space with the basic hygiene conditions so that they can comply with the isolation,» Ferrero added, Faced with the obligation to comply with quarantine to prevent the coronavirus from continuing to expand, they claim «assisted social isolation». In the last census, 1024 people were found in the south zone in South Zone, of whom 254 have health problems. In addition to being at risk the population who attend, «there is the risk of people who are going to walk the streets providing their help, but we understand that it is a task that we cannot abandon.»

Buenos Aires Presente (BAP) works on the streets of the City.

Of course, this is not a situation that affects only these communes: yesterday Wednesday workers from Buenos Aires Presente (BAP), the program of the Government of Buenos Aires for the assistance of people in street situations, demanded «urgent» reinforcements the health emergency, and reported that «regular work continues when the public situation is not.» The few enabled devices do not have vacancies for new income, there has been no training for staff and continues to work on a regular basis when the public situation is not,» they said in a statement in response to the announcements Government of The Government that it would enable new stopers to respond to the situation.

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