translated from Spanish: Neighbors of Infonavit La Colina in Morelia, Michoacán were attended by OOAPAS staff

Morelia, Michoacán.- Today, staff of the Sub-Direction of Distribution of the Operator Of Drinking Water, Sewerage and Sanitation of Morelia (OOAPAS), reported in a statement that he met with a group of neighbors of the Infonavit La Colina colony, to listening to and addressing the needs they posed about drinking water service.
After the repair that was done last Sunday in an eight-inch (8″) line over Av. Madero Poniente, the flow of water in the network was reopened; however, the water pressure for its distribution took time to normalize, so several neighbors of Infonavit La Colina reported unsupply.
The Deputy Director of Distribution, Laura Escobar Abraham, met with inhabitants of this colony to explain that field staff have maintained a constant monitoring of water distribution and pledged to intensify the review at the homes required, ensuring that service was restored in the colonies that depend on the line that was repaired. At the end of the meeting, the neighbours withdrew in accordance with the attention received.
The deputy director of the paramunicipal noted that OOAPAS operational staff continue to work in all areas to ensure drinking water service to citizens, maintaining sources of supply and promptly repairing leaks are presented in the distribution network.
Laura Escobar recalled that the era of styling that has just started causes the decrease in the production of water from wells and springs, so efforts have to be redoubled to keep the equipment running at high temperatures. This, coupled with the increase in water use in homes, generates greater demand for service.
For this reason he recommended the public to make rational use of water, avoiding waste in daily tasks and in personal grooming.

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